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Know your worth and find the job that you deserve

Frequently asked questions

You can start working as soon as you create your job profile on various portals, which lists numerous job opportunities. To apply, you need to create a profile with your resume attached and other relevant details mentioned. Review salary trends and experiment with various jobs. You can look out for jobs based on skills, designation, location, compensation, industry type etc.

If you think you can deliver the requirements of a job, you can apply for the job. However, if the job vacancy demands a specific skill set, you must consider the same. If you are a deserving candidate, years of experience won’t matter.

Resume: Your resume should be limited to one or two-page length according to expertise. It is essential to embed strong keywords in a resume to stand out in front of recruiters.
Cover letter: A cover letter should be of a single page. It should represent your work profile and why you are a deserving and best candidate.

After jobs are approved, they usually start receiving applicants within a few hours.


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